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    Leather with laser

    Leather is difficult to work on, but the laser beam is easy to cope with this time consuming and the whole process is fairly quick, with the possibility of unlimited laser engraver. There are many advantages of processing of this material by a laser machine. One of them - no need to fix the skin on the working surface, it is not subjected to any deformation, but if the skin is thin enough, then use a vacuum table. It is necessary to know that the skin may not equally respond to laser treatment. So some leather may melt when subjected to the laser beam, but there is a solution - in this case, it is necessary to reduce the laser power. Laser engraving is a method which allows you to put system image on leather product. With laser engraving you can get the original skin with delicate features, because for the laser engraver, nothing is impossible. It is possible to produce the perforations with a laser, that is to burn holes in the skin, it allows to obtain patterns of any complexity. Skin with this crochet pattern is distinguished by its originality and elegance. We offer this leather in brown and black. Like any leather, leather processed by laser by care. As a rule, it is enough to wipe with a damp sponge, but first we have to do it in an inconspicuous area, and if you will not notice any impact from moisture, it is possible to clean all the product. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents, they can damage the skin.
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