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    Suede Split Leather

    Leather processing is a process when the skin is divided into layers and the layer which is obtained after removing the surface layer is called split leather. We offer you to buy suede split leather, made of sheepskin. Split leather is a perfect raw material for the manufacture of suede. At the moment there are two ways of surface treatment Spilka: the first is when pour surface with special resins in order that it was similar to the natural pattern of the skin and the second when the surface of the roll under the suede. Splits are usually much cheaper than the high-quality leather, but at the same time, it is quite practical. In order to distinguish split and the facial skin you need to pay attention to the wrong side of the material and if you see a fuzzy surface, you can be assured that it passed the sharp knife of the machine, dividing the skin into layers.
    Production: Италия Model: 44-011
    suede split leather | Color: pink - 44-011 - natural Suede for clothing order at the best price!..
    9.00 грн.
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